It’s more than a passion project.
It’s more than a creative vision realized.
It’s Garibaldi Architects.

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Via Legnone

The project to transform the pre-existing buildings from industrial to residential buildings (total GFA 733 m2) in via Legnone in Milan concerns the three existing buildings that are arranged around a courtyard that has a residential building on the front which is not part of the project. The project idea – developed by Alessia Garibaldi, Marco Vigo and Giorgio Piliego – has been to keep the first building facing the street, with its original form and the characteristic covering arch, demolishing and rebuilding the two parallel structures within the court, giving it an aspect of residential urban villas arranged around a landscaped communal garden.
The facade facing the road has been physically dematerialized thanks to the backlit opaque U-Glass covering that makes it “liquid” with a large central window that serves as “an eye on Via Legnone”, immediately conveying the contemporary style of the project, connecting the inside of the large loft on the street front. The same side also has the entrance and the gate made of weathering steel inspired by a Paul Klee drawing. A shared path leads from the pedestrian entrance to the residential area with a walkway in the light characterised by a wall of U-Glass. The internal garden is divided into private spaces but interpreted as a communal area involving both the contemplative aspect and the use of the space. The residences, designed as individual urban villas, are perceived as part of a harmonious whole that conveys a sense of both hospitality and privacy. And the private terraces are a solarium with the characteristics of a city vegetable garden, where each person can create their own element of fun or relaxation.
Environmentally sustainable materials have been carefully chosen: transparent glass (energy that flows) for natural light diffusion; stone (pure energy) gives a sense of solidity to the exteriors and hospitality to the interiors; wood (energy withheld) gives balance to the domestic environment with thermal insulation; weathering metal (energy released) characterises the entrance areas and exteriors.
Attention has also been focused on landscaping with a design aimed at protecting residences visually and acoustically.
The court is insulated from outside noise recreating a warm and private environment filled with positive sensations that create a relaxing effect thanks to the use of neutral and natural earthy colours that are non-invasive and soothing on the eye.
The sounds, fragrances and colours of nature stimulate the senses and create a gentle and accommodating atmosphere.


New construction


Via Legnone, Milano, Italy


800 sq.m

Head Designer:

Alessia Garibaldi, Marco Vigo, Giorgio Piliego