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Retail Park Baranzate

A business park carried out in the municipality of Baranzate, in a highly urbanized area characterised by a built fabric which is discontinuous for type and use without a specific town planning and architectural “definition”. Besides being an example of redevelopment, Baranzate Retail Park represents a real “entrance” door from north to Baranzate towards Milan.
Although the project is based on a previous project that limited the plan distribution and its profile, the new project has modified the volumes. The large L-shaped block was divided into two, an entrance was opened and a course protected by a cantilever roof with Parklex wood fronts was carried out. The project included the following priorities: minimising the visual impact with “lowered” car park areas as against the main road; borrowing the architectural styles of Lombard tradition to realize a park with springs, canals, a row of trees and a square covered with Pietra Serena (planned by the architect Mr De Carli) as an aggregation centre and a place to receive demonstrations; carrying out a course covered by a cantilever roof to connect the shopping mall, the park and the square.
The business park is formed by two different structures developed on two levels and longitudinally crossed by a covered walkway that joints a large square in a new public park.
Every façade is peculiar according to its external or internal position on the square. The building is meant as a collecting centre of interests and activities where several functions and services meet. At Baranzate Retail Park a lot of international brands such as Virgin Active, whose interior project was realized by the architect Franco Scaglia, Unieuro, Prenatal, Maxmoda and other commercial activities take place.


New building


Baranzate, Milano, Italy


11.000 sq.m

Head Designer:

Alessia Garibaldi