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Leica Store London

As with the other works for Leica, in addition to the brand’s standard display elements, this space has details that have been designed for and tailored to the specific location.
The London store, situated in London’s prestigious Mayfair area, has an elegant ambience which is in keeping with the Victorian style of its location. Pre-existing cornices and stuccoes have been uncovered on the walls and ceiling which give a glimpse of the original wall finishing and the patina of time. The space has two separate areas which are connected via two large passages, enabling the design of a polyfunctional layout. The right side has been designed with a display and sales area around the perimeter and the central area in front of the video display is dominated by the social table, which is used to welcome customers. A display gallery has been created in the left side for photographic exhibitions, promoting Leica’s photographic culture. The lighting was designed in partnership with ERCO and perfectly illuminates both the cameras and the exhibits. Spatial continuity is emphasised with the choice of a single flooring, a special grey parquet laid in a chevron pattern and framed with a perimeter band.
Importance was also given to the basement by including a large open space dedicated to aKademie, ideal for hosting workshops and courses.
The designers have worked with the brand since 2012, starting with the office in Milan, and this was followed by renovations of stores in Turin (in the Italian Centre for Photography), a former brewery in Istanbul, a Liberty-style building in Porto and, more recently, in Paris and Rome.


Interior renovation


London, UK


100 sq.m

Head Designer:

Alessia Garibaldi